About us

Well known manufacturers of industrial Solid tyres - "Mega-t Unisoft/Sirius".
Export: Worldwide.
Design: Super elastic, pneumatic shaped, recognized as high quality tyres.
Users: Forklift trucks, internal port container trailers, mining and special heavy equipment.

Sales through distributors worldwide.

Mega-T industrial tyres was established in 1985 as a sophisticated, modern rubber factory producing from start mainly solid industrial tyres, and more recently has added the production of technical rubber parts, 
specializing in anti-vibration mounts.
The  company is owned by Kibbutz Tze’elim ,Israel and is a world-class Factory

  ISO 9002 certified.
The Mega-T plant employs the latest technology and equipment.

The factory is equipped with:

A mixing line
Extruders and building line. 
Compression presses from 600 to 1,000 ton capacity.
A well equipped laboratory for quality control,
 including computerized examination to ensure zero defects.

Mega-T Super Elastic tyres are leaders in quality Worldwide. 


IRPC Industrial Zone Rosh-Haa'in 48017 Israel P.O.Box 1356 Phone: 972-3-9367701 Fax:972-3-9367710

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