Mega-T tyres / The usage of Mega-T Solid tyres

The subject of solid tyres in the material handling trade is accelerated with everything that concerns Industrial forklifts trucks tyres and internal port container trailers. The high quality Pneumatic Shaped Solid Industrial tyres are super elastic tyres which are in fact replacing the pneumatic tyres, therefore the elasticity and the cushion is of great importance together with the heat build up resistance. The main advantage of these tyres is: Long life Puncture proof Safety at work and of course when you buy a high quality tyre you are looking after the forklift, with less down time for maintenance and less cost per hour.
The heavy users know about the cost per hour and take it into consideration and therefore prefer to buy high quality tyres.

Mega-T high quality solid pneumatic shaped tyres are suitable for heavy duty vehicles and internal port container trailers.
Our tyres are known for their quality world wide and are successfully marketed to the international market and container port terminal services.

You can save a dollar now and buy a cheaper tyres OR you can use MEGA-T and SAVE in the long run. The advantages: Long life cycle No damage to your forklift Less maintenance No "on- the- job" delays

MEGA-T QUALITY TYRE that saves your real profits.

The lowest cost per hour, plus versatility. Where the tyre is of high quality, every type of forklift can be used for every type of application. You wouldn't put wagon wheels on your Porsche, so why put cheap solid tyres on your expensive Forklift?

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