Technical data / Fitting&removal
A)  Put support for rim (1) on table.
Put cone (2) on rim, center the tyre on rim.
press tyre with cage (3) until rim flange.
Release pressure.
A) Press tyre down, using cage (3).
Remove locking ring and taper.
B) Put taper ring on cone,
Press it down into place with
pressure ring (4).
B) Turn the tyre, put support for rim (5) on table. Press tyre off.
C) Aess tyre down, place side ring
and locking ring in place and lock.
A) Put cone (2) on the rim,
Place tyre on cone
A) Press tyre down until groove is exposed.
Place removal ring(6) in.
B) Press down with cage (3)
until it snaps into place.
B) Turn tyre, put support rim on table.
Press tyre off.

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