Technical data / Rim, Grip & construction

The Mega -T Unisoft tyre is constructed of three different layers, for optimal pliancy and resilience,  combined with high durability.


The four steel rings of the base section ensure a perfect grip with the metal wheel rim, and prevent skidding under extreme side loads.


1. Base Layer - hardness 90±3 Shore A
The high hardness factor of this layer, combined with an inner, steel reinforced ring, ensures stability
    and a perfect grip on the metal wheel rim.

2. Elastic Center Layer - hardness 60±2 Shore A
    Based on natural rubber, this lamina provides the tyre with it's high performance dynamic properties

    (low heat build-up, rolling  resistence, deflection) without diminishing it's softness and pliancy.

3. Tread Layer - hardness 65±2 Shore A
    This outer layer, about 60 mm thick, ensures the tyres' longevity. Chemical composition is designed to
     prevent wear and abrasion, and provide high tear resistance during work.


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