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"Mega-T" tyres - The right solution to your needs
We are steadfast in the development of our quality products, our experience and technology standards have placed Mega-T tyres as world leaders in quality.
- Production is ensured by the highest quality control standards
- A flexible ability to produce with a short timetable and high efficiency service.

Multi formula graded density construction for optimal pliancy and resistance, combined with high durability, maximum traction with minimum roll resitance and  superior stability.

Quality Control - Only the best

Zero defects and tyre superiority are guaranteed by the company's quality control department.Each production line features computerized control, ensuring the repeatability of quantities, temperature, pressure, speed, time and other working conditions.

Every tyre is individually checked by the quality control department and has it's own serial number. The number contains all the manufacturing details from every department, on the tyre's way to becoming a high quality tyre.
R&D - Committed to improvement
Mega-T's R&D unit is able to solve and answer various issues.  For example:- special compounds for various applications - in order to assure optimum performance of machinery. Our expert team is continuously striving to improve our tyres quality and performance, with the aim of maintaining "Mega-T"  tyres status as world leaders in quality.
Contact - Mr. Yair Liecht- Marketing Director


IRPC Industrial Zone Rosh-Haa'in 48017 Israel P.O.Box 1356 Phone: 972-3-9367701 Fax:972-3-9367710

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